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About QHS

Our Learning Center reflects the QHS Learning Academy’s values of peace, self- respect and academic success. Our Learning Center is a resource for home-schooled students. We are designed to assist students with learning, interactive activities, and more. QHS Learning Academy is a home- school tutoring center for families in need of services. We offer after school tutoring for any child in need of Test Prep, Homework Help as well as ACT Prep.

Our Mission

QHS Learning Academy recognizes that all children are creative individuals who need to succeed. We offer a unique educational environment that emphasizes the social, emotional and intellectual development of each child. The QHS staff strives to maximize academic potential while promoting individual, personal success in a nurturing setting.

 Our Founder

Mrs. Gena Thomas Ross

“QHS” was created in honor of my brother, Quentin Dion Thomas. Quentin passed away in March 2018. Through conversations over the years, Quentin always hoped that I would open a home- school tutoring facility because he knew how passionate I was about educating and mentoring children. He was also a mentor, role model, coach and friend to many local children.

In Memory of: Quentin Dion Thomas​

Parent Review- Highly Recommended!

My son has improved majorly in his academics! He gets after school tutoring and actually looks forward to going! His grades were all D's and F's when we started. His last test folder had ABC's, which is a huge improvement. His tutors are so nice and patient. They don't get just a tutor, they get a mentor as well. It really is wonderful! I would highly recommend QHS Learning Academy to anyone for their tutoring or homeschooling needs.​

- Stacy J.

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